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petrakot - Knitting World: News

News - Model of July/ August

Thanks to holiday little bit later, but model of the month is here

It is very simple bolero, pattern has been published in Diana - crochet fashion number 18. Published pattern needs a few experience with crocheting, so I decided to make this bolero for myself and make photo instruction. There you can see how to make V necklace on front side.


Material: 25dkg Simplicity company Toptex /Czech production/, 100% cotton 50gr cca 125m. I used all material so probably would be better use 30dkg for

size 36-38.


front side: start with 43 chain

Continue with pattern below: start with stitch before VV, end after VV.

. - chain

I - single crochet

t - double crochet



From right side make only part of pattern:

Left front side is crochet same way:



Back side: start with 86 chain.

Crochet with patter until we reach 26cm.


start with 43 chain, continue until reach 3 patterns:


Then increase on both sides of sleeve one pattern:


Other sleeve crochet same way.

Sew sleeves together, sew also sides and finish with crochet around necklace with border:



It is finished!!! 





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