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zal3oULNQ, (web), added 29.9. 2014, 5:41:14
Your article was excellent and erudite.

dXFm4zP5, (web), added 29.9. 2014, 2:01:16
Smart thinking - a clever way of looking at it.

W4jXp3jb, (web), added 28.9. 2014, 11:10:59
That's a smart answer to a tricky question

L2HGbS1xpIj7, (web), added 28.9. 2014, 7:32:12
It's good to get a fresh way of looking at it.

L2HGbS1xpIj7, (web), added 28.9. 2014, 7:31:43
It's good to get a fresh way of looking at it.

F4k3NUaC, (web), added 28.9. 2014, 6:12:30
Normally I'm against killing but this article slaughtered my ignorance.

JoyTFSTz, (web), added 27.9. 2014, 22:16:10
I was seriously at DefCon 5 until I saw this post.

1N2Q4ghpn, (web), added 27.9. 2014, 20:26:32
I want to send you an award for most helpful internet writer.

iRm1Y1Oll, (web), added 27.9. 2014, 18:41:35
The truth just shines through your post

Jo19Gwmdiwwx, (web), added 26.9. 2014, 23:14:52
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