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Karl Schubaltz, added 9.12. 2011, 17:08:55
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Thomas Schubaltz, added 9.12. 2011, 17:07:50
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generic viagra, (web), added 7.10. 2011, 7:49:38
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Shabby70, added 24.5. 2011, 2:23:32
I just ordered your shrug and very very excited to make it, your work is beautiful and It will be a great accessory in my closet!Thanks for sharing your talent! I look forward to more patterns from you. smajl9

Nicole Eklund, added 26.1. 2011, 0:28:34
Wonderful! I love your designs, such artwork! Viva Crochet! smajl65

petrakot, added 10.1. 2010, 10:55:53
granmahag59: thank you very much... I´m really happy you have found me smajl4

petrakot, added 10.1. 2010, 10:55:29
atlev: you can also find me on as "kotka". there si also more patterns in english. smajl4

Grandmahag59, added 4.10. 2009, 8:33:56
WOW, I have just found your site, your work is stunning and i am always looking to find unusual and interesting crochet.Your work is ART smajl7

atlev, added 29.7. 2009, 4:56:01
Thank you for having me but I wish there were more access to more of your work because it is so intircate especially the white top (Model of May).


petrakot, added 8.5. 2009, 23:10:03
Marta75: thank you very much... smajl4

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