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I´m very pleased you that have found my pages.

I hope you will enjoy them and find them interesting.

Knitting and crocheting has been my favourite hobby for a long time.  During the last year I have started to make crochet and knitted garments for my friends and than their friends. So now it is also my job.

I have album where you can see few of my work specialy Fashion show 2008 and Fashion show 2009.

I have also make album where you can found DROPS/Garsntudio yarn in work :-)

You also might like my report for national TV with knitting and crochetting. Enjoy it :-)

When I started to look over the net for inspiration I have found a lots of knitting forums, and found out that there is a lots of knitting lovers there. As know how hard is it to make any garment even if you have pattern, I decided to help anyone who asked.

I´m a 33years old, mum of two lovely children Jana 7 and Jan 4.

You can buy magazines with patterns, sometimes they have mistakes, sometimes is garment made from yarn that is hardly to come by. If you are not skillful enough you will never finish your plan... That is the reason why I decided to help anyone who will need it.

I´m here to answer any of your knitting problems and, you can knitt along with me, some of my patterns can be downloaded for free,the rest can be bought as a pdf file.

Each of my pattern are well-tried.

If you are interested in placing any of your own pattern onto my pages, please don´t hesitate to contact me.


Enjoy these pages... 


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