Sales conditions:

You can place any order after successful registration on these pages. Your order will be confirmed within 24hours, with information whether the goods are ready to dispatch or an estimation of how long you will have to wait. 

Forwarding charges:

Downloads do not incur any forwarding/delivery charges.

Delivery charges for parcels depends on which country you are from. Forwarding charge for EU countries is 12Euro.

Special postage is for umbrella - beause of special packing. Postage for umbrella is 15Eur, when paying through paypal please add 3Eur. Thank you very much.


You will receive invoice with total amount, bank number, identification number.

You can also use Paypal.

Goods are dispatched immediately when the payment is credited on our account.

Return of the goods

Handmade garments needs special treat, so I´m not responsible for unprofessional treatment of the garments. If you think however that the model you have bought is somehow defective, you can send it back (unwashed, not worn) within 30 days and your payment will be refunded.


Data security

We respect your privacy. All customer data are stored according the law and are not provided to any third party. No credit card numbers are stored in our database according to Paypal safe money transfer.

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